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Paliatsky is a unique Canadian duo that combines pop music with the richness from other genres from around the world. They create bold music that incorporates different styles and emotions. It’s back to basics with real musicians and a love for music!

Currently in studio with Peter Corbett at Peanut Recording studio, Paliatsky is teaming up with Emilie Burelle to create a song blog on their upcoming website in early 2016. It is a way for them to diversify the music industry by offering a monthly song release on the web.

The duo Paliatsky is composed of Alison Auton and Patrice Savoie, who after being married for a few years decided in the summer of 2013 to form an acoustic duo. With previous band experience and strong complicity, the duo performs beautifully on stage with one guitar, two voices and percussion. But with the help of Peter Corbett and the duo’s instrumental versatility, they record their songs with the instrumentation of a full band.

Their goal is to bring back the energy of real musicians and intimacy that music has lost in recent decades. With the upcoming Song Blog and website in early 2015, Paliatsky is sure to shake the music industry.

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